Look Good, Feel Good.

Lead by example Concept

This is a phrase I have found myself using and living by, it’s a personal thing and in today’s world not everyone likes to dress smart and put on a suit when they go to work.

For me when I put on a suit, a nice shirt and tie combo, and a pair of shoes that match, I feel mentally ready and switched on to go into work and give it 110%

I personally don’t agree with the casual approach a lot of firms have to dress code. I believe wearing a suit, shirt and tie is professional, and gives the right impression.

What’s wrong with looking the part of what you are selling, which is always going to be the best service by the best person to do it, yourself!

People buy from people and first impressions are everything to building the foundation of business which is relationship building.

Take that on board when next going for an interview or going to that next client visit.

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