Life Of An Everyday Entrepreneur…Time For Change

mma fighter

Training and nutrition.

So we are well into 2015 and it’s flying by, all those New Years resolutions seemed to have be discontinued…….

Well I’m making a new one as I want to really see if you can have everything you’ve ever wanted if you work for it.

After all now I’ve been short-listed for Recruitment Entrepreneur at the recruiter this year all this hard work is paying off.

My work life is structured and working well, and my family are happy with the amount they see me, the only thing is I’m not happy with myself!

I have always struggled to train regularly in the gym and eat healthily and stick to any nutrient plan I’ve been assigned, I’ve always been a night owl and love to hit the snooze button.

When your out with clients at least twice a week it’s very difficult, let alone running a multiple of companies and dealing with everything that comes along in life in between.

So I’ve finally sorted out the food element after 15 years of trying.

I was introduced to Bulk Banquets via my trainer and the food has been great. £85 per week and the variety is amazing, you get 21 meals and snacks, along with a training plan and nutritional guide.

Only problem was that all the food is frozen so you need a microwave or kitchen.

So if your on the road a lot like me that’s a problem!

Solution- buy a wave box, it’s a portable microwave that you can use from your cigarette lighter or a mains. So now no more excuses.

Nutrition facts of almonds


 Food sorted.

Next phase is getting into the gym regularly as well as training involving MMA as I’ve always had a dream of having that big fight in front of a big audience and experiencing that. I went to Underground gym in Portslade by Brighton East Sussex, a 45 min drive from my head office in Horsham. It’s owned by Sol Gilbert ex MMA fighter.

I start training today at 7pm and the monthly fee is just £29.99 and no lengthy contract so it’s on!

My old personal trainer and body builder Mark Young is a regular there so I am going to train with him a couple of times a week and then a one to one MMA session.

This is going to be my new blog for the trials and tribulations of an everyday entrepreneur who wants it all in life.

Follow me for weekly updates and stories.

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