A Cure To Stress Relief…

I have found a cure to finishing off a stressful week at last and feel accomplished at the end of it.

The answer is to hit Saturday at the gym, not too many people there and you can concentrate on letting out that anger out on whatever gym equipment you want to!

So, second proper session in the gym following Monday’s grooling session that left me walking around like a dinosaur for 3 whole days. (I missed a client golf day on the Thursday because of it.)

Note to self, try not to take on the two biggest guys in the gym on day one.

As a reminder let’s see that picture again!

Man mountains

Man mountains

So chest and a good cardio session was in order after the killer back session Monday.

Mark young again was there to put me through my paces, not only is he making me do 5 exercises but 4 sets of 20 reps on each.

Needless to say that I couldn’t manage every rep on every exercise but I did my best.

Finishing with the ropes in the HIIT room topped the session off.

Ashley Gym1

After the gym it was straight back to being a dad and fixing my 5 year olds electric quad bike, great fun though and surprisingly quick and gave me a run for my money on the bike.

ashley qud

Managed to play golf on Sunday at Cottesmore with some colleagues, didn’t expect much with how tight I knew I would be from the gym but managed 28 points playing off 8 and it’s only the second time I’ve played this year so not complaining.

Got to eat my cheat meal as well so all in all a great weekend.

 Underground tonight for week 2 of pain.

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What a great way to deal with stress. Inspired me to do the same. Thank you!


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