Unlock Your Potential…

Business man with the text Unlock your Potential

Train your brain to be a productivity machine! 

Do you always take the easy option but feel like you shouldn’t have and feel like you could achieve more and be more productive if you didn’t as well?

Well my suggestion is to start training your brain to be a productivity machine.

It’s all about your thought processes and changing existing habits so let me tell you about some of the things I suggest for different examples.

Time management.

Put your schedule in the diary on your phone and set alerts ahead of time for every event, and when I say schedule, I mean gym schedule and activities as well as work, if you have an iPhone like me and use Microsoft exchange with calendars it’s easy to do and syncs with your computers as well.

Work smart.

If you’re in a meeting and your talking even about calls you need to make or emails you need to do, just go ahead and put it in the diary whilst you are talking about it.

It’s not rude if you explain what you are doing and it’s more efficient.

Sales and customer services. 

If you are making sales calls or customer service calls add the information to your CRM’s as you’re talking to save you time and thus not putting a blocker on adding the notes on later.

Be more positive.

When I have events I am not looking forwards to like training at the gym when I ache, or a meeting where I might get a telling off by clients. I simply do not mentally think about them, I just get there and deal with it once I’m there. This way you don’t make excuses not to go or become unproductive for the time leading up to it worrying yourself about it.

Closing thought. 

Stay in the moment and make the most of that moment that you are in, as success is about choices you make in those moments!

Good luck and please let me know if this helps in anyway as I would love to hear about it.

One Comment

Yes this definitely does help. I needed the advice about putting reminders in my phone haha. Almost missed an important meeting yesterday. Thank you!


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