Hard Work This Routine Stuff…

Well it’s been a few days since my last training and I’m feeling guilty that I haven’t managed to get there to train and haven’t put anything extra in at the weekend at the gym. (Going to the gym tonight)

Life has certainly got in the way and I’m out of the routine already.

My my Saturday session didn’t happen as I had to attend a v max 200 event, can’t complain as there were amazing HyperCars there.

v max 200 event

V Max 200 Event

I managed to run the SL65 AMG to 185mph on a 1.5 mile stretch of runway until the undercover that connects from the front bumper to the underneath of the engine decided to come off and shred around me at 180 mph, black shreds flying all around me I thought the tyre was shredding off.

This was an extremely twitchy bottom moment as you can imagine.

Car into the garage and mechanic on board I was ready to go home.



As I got home I forgot I had agreed to attend a K1 and MMA fighting evening  at Aldershot, so 5 minutes to get changed and I was out the door and eager to see what I have let myself in for.

Atmosphere was pretty amazing and there was certainly a huge buzz around the fighters, these young guys were superstars to their friends and family that came to see them. I was almost deafened by a particularly loud woman who had lungs that could of out sung Maria Carey and Whitney Houston 10 fold.

K1 and MMA fighting evening

K1 and MMA fighting evening

The star of the show was however a little boy who was no doubt the bravest little boy I’ve come across.

He was struggling with leukaemia I believe and just wanted to be able to go on what maybe his first and last family holiday. I donated personally £100 cash as that’s all I had on me but gave his family a business card for them to contact me to see if we could do more.

K1 and MMA fighting evening

K1 and MMA fighting evening

So this really puts life into perspective for me now even as I write this. I started this post to try and give you an update and show you how you can be so busy it’s hard to maintain a schedule.

Really it’s about just doing what you can to achieve as much as you can in the gym, workplace or life, as there is always someone out there that’s had a harder time than you, not as lucky as you, and is a lot worse off than you so let’s all stop moaning.

Keep pushing forwards and do what you can to help others along the way as it’s a big world and we want to try and have it all if we work hard for it.

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