Concept To Completion…


As a business leader I often find myself looking for inspiration to drive me on, I understand that I do not know it all and I certainly understand that listening is one of the best skills a business leader will have.

As with most of you, I follow the Richard Bransons and Steve Jobs of this world, but a bit of Rocky 4 thrown in there for a kick up your behind never hurts either to get you going.

Reading is great if you have the patience for it, however I do not possess this patience. So I find looking at people’s video blogs and watching films varying from “Mandela” to “Jobs”, (Steve Jobs passion to push the boundaries of technology and his unrelenting drive for perfection really inspires me to follow with the same passion in what I do.)

Nelson Mandela proved that one man really could change the world and that nothing is impossible.

So whatever you do –  look for inspiration all around you, listen and learn from people who are successful and clearly are passionate about what they do as their enthusiasm will push you on.

Being a business leader or being someone that others aspire to be, can be hard work and a lot of pressure, but if your passionate, driven and show leadership to your teams or employees then you should be fine.

To be great, is to take those skills and develop something amazing which means following it through from a concept to completion with the same enthusiasm and passion from day 1 to the end.

I Hope you enjoy this motivational video, and it inspires you to follow your dreams!

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