HIIT 10 Minute Fat Blaster Work Out… 

Here is a quick work out you can do anywhere!

New kit for the Garden

New kit for the Garden

Jog on the spot for 10 seconds
High knees for 10 seconds

Complete 3 sets back to back
Rest 60 seconds
Complete 3 rounds (9 sets of each exercise in total).

Garden work out

Garden work out 

Workout instructions: 
Complete one minute of maximum reps of the following exercises. Keep rest between exercises to 20 seconds or less, and repeat all exercises twice.On the second set of each exercise, aim to get within 10% of your first set total e.g. if you got 50 squats in set 1, aim to get at least 45 in set 2.

  1. Push-ups
    2. Bodyweight squats
    3. Shuttle runs (run up and back 10m)
    4. Crunches (legs in the air, aim to touch your toes)

Like my new bit of kit that I have put in the garden? ( It is really handy to have when you limited time like I have!)

Garden work out

Garden work out

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