Benefits of using a recruitment agency to hire staff

Given the importance of managing budgets and not overspending, you can see why many businesses are looking to manage as much as they can in-house. There are market swings on outsourcing or taking control of everything and for some firms, the focus on the bottom line means that paying money to an external partner to do work that can be carried out by internal staff is no longer an acceptable use of company money.

On the one hand, this makes sense, and it is a police that many companies will choose. On the other hand, it is a very silly suggestion, and it is a move that will end up costing a company money, time and maybe even good quality staff. There is a great deal to be said for focusing on the core strengths of your business and then receiving the best external assistance for areas and aspects where you are not too strong. While there is a great clamour for jobs at the moment, finding the right people for the right role is a difficult task, and it is a challenge that many internal HR departments struggle with.

Recruitment agencies know the market

One of the bets reasons to call on the services of a recruitment agency is the fact that they understand the market and the current climate. This means that they know:
• What the available talent is and where to reach them
• What the expected salary rates are
• What the career expectations are
• What skill-sets are required for certain roles
• What are the current difficulties in filling certain roles

These are hugely important aspects of recruitment, and it would be unreasonable to expect someone who isn’t working in the industry every day to suddenly grasp the difficult situation. Hiring a recruitment agency isn’t just about finding the right employee for your company, it is about making sure that you know the reasons for every recruitment decision your company makes.

Recruitment agencies can reach the hard-to-reach candidates that would be ideal for you

Just because you are offering a job, not everyone who would be ideally suited to the job and open to working for your company will find it or apply via you. You may create a poorly worded job description; some people may not be actively looking for a job or there could be reasons why people don’t see or overlook your job advert.

Recruitment agencies, however, will know candidates, and they will have an understanding of roles that are perfect for some people. It may be that a recruitment agency will contact someone about your role, sell them the perks and benefits of the job and impress on them the potential career opportunities that the role will offer. These are things that your business may not be able to do but when you work with a recruitment agent, you get a greater level of support in tracking down the right potential employee for your business.

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