Habits To Ditch For Entrepreneurial Succ

Habits To Ditch For Entrepreneurial Success

If you are just starting out as an entrepreneur, it is likely that you will be enthusiastic and keen to work as hard as you possibly can. This is a positive thing, but it may be that you have some bad habits in place that will count against you.

One of the issues with bad habits is that you don’t often know that you have them. Here are some of the most common bad habits that entrepreneurs suffer from so have a read and see if any of them apply to you?

Not planning ahead

If you have been working a job where you can coast by or get along without thinking too much into the distance, you need to get out of that mind-set as quickly as possible. While it is impossible to plan everything that you intend to do, and things will crop out of nowhere, you should have a schedule and a list of aims that you want to achieve by day, by week, by month and by year.

If you are not making effective plans and schedule at the start of being an entrepreneur, you will find it becomes difficult to stick to a schedule in the long run.

Responding to emails as they come in

While responding promptly and effectively is a positive thing, the more you do this, the less time you will have to spend on other,more important, tasks. If your business develops in the way that you hope it will, you will find that you soon start to have emails coming in on a regular basis. If you stop what you are doing every time to respond to an email, you will soon find that you will get nothing done.

It is best to allocate a set period a day, or every couple of hours to review your emails and respond if you need to.

Poor communication
You may think that you are getting your point across in an effective manner, but this may not be the case. First of all, write a message and the stop and read it back to yourself, is it as clear as you would like? You should also send some emails to people who you know and trust and ask for genuine and honest feedback?

Many start-up businesses falter because of poor communication and quite often the people involved don’t know what they are doing wrong. If you aren’t getting the right results, or people aren’t responding to you in the manner you would like them to, make sure it isn’t your communication that is letting you down.

Never taking breaks

Yes, working hard and putting in long hours shows you are committed but is it the best thing for your business? When you continually work long hours, are you working at your best? Many people feel that taking a short break or coming back to a problem after some sleep or after thinking about something else helps them to solve issues or move on more effectively than continually trying to plough through an issue.

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