Top Class Footballer Could Be A Top Clas

Top Class Footballer Could Be A Top Class Entrepreneur

When footballers are in the newspapers any other than the back pages, it is usually because they have behaved badly or been up to no good. With the amount of money in the modern game and the growing gap between the fans and the players, it is easy to think that most modern footballers only care about themselves and what they can earn.

This isn’t the case for all footballers, though, and there has been a recent story involving a top flight footballer in England who has shown some entrepreneurial spirit. Mathieu Flamini returned to Arsenal in the summer of 2014 for his second spell at the club. When players leave a club and return, it is likely that they come back older and hopefully wiser. Spending time in different countries provides players with the chance to stretch their wings and become a more rounded person. For Flamini, time spent in Italy with AC Milan has provided him with the platform for a whole new career.

This is because Flamini is the co-founder of a company that could bring about an end to biofuels, plastics and gasoline! The company, GF Biochemicals, stated that they have learned how to produce levulinic acid on a mass production scale. This is highly important because this is an organic compound that can be used to replace oil in all of the different forms it comes in. While no one knows the true potential of this breakthrough, there have beenmany people talking about the fact that this firm could be the first to enter a market that will be worth over $30 billion.

Flamini is clearly making a nice living out of being abit-part player for Arsenal in London but if the initial plans are lived up to, this could be a way for the player to help the world while ensuring he receives a considerable sum of money to keep him in comfort for the rest of his days.

It’s not just Flamini who had a brilliant idea

Flamini isn’t the first footballer to have struck upon a brilliant idea, even if the new product conjured up by Australian footballer Craig Johnston was a bit more expected from him. After Johnston had retiredfrom Liverpool FC, at an early, stating that he was keen to look after his sister who was seriously ill, he turned his attention to creating a new style of football boot. Johnston was the brains behind the Predator football boot, a revolutionary boot with fins that promised to give players more control of the ball and an ability to strike the ball with increased swerve and power.

There were a lot of people willing to ignore these claims but the first ever goal scored in professional football by a player wearingPredator boots was a classic. John Collins scored a bending free-kick for Celtic at the home of their arch-rivals in a game that was watched all over the world. It was exactly the sort of goal that the new boots needed to grab attention and from that moment onwards, virtually every player was after this style of football boot.

So the next time you are quick to say that footballers are a bit silly or wouldn’t be able to do anything if it wasn’t for their football talent, remember that some top-class footballers have also had that entrepreneurial spirit about them.

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