Is LinkedIn Part Of Your Recruitment Act

Is LinkedIn Part Of Your Recruitment Activity?

It seems as though there are new platforms and practices involved with recruitment on a weekly, if not daily basis. It is good that there is a lot of focus on the recruitment sector and advice on how to make recruitment easier, but it can be difficult for small to medium sized firms to keep up with new and recommended methods. Even companies who believe that their traditional recruitment methods retain value in the modern era understand that there is a need to focus on modern methods of recruitment.

The importance of social media in people’s lives today cannot be overlooked, and this has led to many people citing LinkedIn as a factor that has “absolutely transformed” recruitment and the recruitment industry. This comment was the opinion of James Caan, and even though he was speaking at an event that celebrated the social media platform, there is no denying that his remarks have a ring of truth about them. Caan is perhaps best known for being a former Dragons Den but he is a leading entrepreneur in the United Kingdom, and he has considerable experience in the recruitment industry. This status means that his opinion holds a lot of weight, and if you haven’t considered the importance of LinkdedIn, or social media platforms, for recruitment, you may want to re-evaluate how you go about filling vacant positions.

LinkedIn can be a great leveller in recruitment

Clearly Caan is someone at the high end of the LinkedIn market, with 2.5m followers. When he says that he can post a blog and receive thousands of comments in 30 seconds, this is down to him, rather than the platform. However, the immediacy that is offered by LinkedIn, and the opportunity to connect with new people in a professional manner is important. Businesses can find out about prospective candidates and determine if they are a suitable fit for their company. Similarly, businesses can create the right image and identity for themselves on a platform like LinkedIn, which may make them the ideal company for a particular candidate. Businesses have to realise that good prospects will be in demand, and as much as LinkedIn is a great way to scout candidates; people will find firms that they want to work for on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn provides a great way for all parties in the recruitment process to get to know each other better, and a business should be looking to present themselves in the best possible manner. After all, there are 20m LinkedIn users in the United Kingdom, and this represents close to 60% of the workforce in the UK. With students forming a major part of the user-base on the platform, there is an ideal opportunity for businesses to engage and connect with potential employees at an earlier part of the recruitment process.

By presenting yourself as a firm that supports graduates and which welcomes people entering the workplace for the first time, a small to medium sized business can gain an advantage over larger employers who may have previously scooped up the most promising talent.

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