Is Automation Right For Your Recruitment

Is Automation Right For Your Recruitment Team?
Anything that can make your business more productive and more useful without costing too much money or harming customer service has to be a positive thing. The only problem is that when you gain in one aspect, you likely lose in another. There are many people and industry experts who back the rise of automation with respect to HR and recruitment tasks, but there are also many critics. If you gain on time but lose on customer service, are you really benefiting?
You need to weigh up what is right for your business, but you will find that there are some ways of implementing automation into your business that can help you provide a viable service without overstretching yourselves.
A great example of this would be if your firm received a high volume of applications for a post. Sending out individual emails to unsuccessful clients would be time-consuming and there would be a chance that some people would be accidentally missed out. Operator error, particularly for repetitive tasks, is a concern when aiming to provide a high standard of service, so removing this potential for error has to be seen as a positive thing.
Save time while providing a valuable service
Being able to send a high volume of emails to unsuccessful candidates isn’t pleasant, but it ensures that they are informed of your decision as quickly as possible. There is software available that will send a rejection email to each candidate when they are marked as being unsuitable for the role, saving you time and ensuring they are informed of the decision as quickly as possible.
It may even be that automated services will help to increase the number of people who see your job post and apply. There are an increasing number of platforms where jobs can be posted, and if you were to take the time to post individually on all of these platforms, you would find that a member of staff was occupied for most of their day. However, software options like Fusion software, allow jobs to be posted on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter with the click of one button. This ensures that there is uniformity across different platforms, and you are placing the posts in front of a lot of people in next to no time.
There is also scheduling software which can arrange interview times, inform the candidates and also create updates and reminders in the diaries for your relevant team members. Removing the opportunity for operator error will ensure that everyone is fully aware of the times they need to be available, which can save embarrassing moments. This also allows for more effective planning of the interview process.
Being able to track the lifetime of an applicant with your company, from job placement to review and then interview process is of benefit to a firm, especially if they want to create a template for the right candidates in the future. Knowing where successful applicants found a posting and what their application contained of provides a firm with insight, which can allow them to be more successful in the future.

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