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Is Automation Right For Your Recruitment

Is Automation Right For Your Recruitment Team?
Anything that can make your business more productive and more useful without costing too much money or harming customer service has to be a positive thing. The only problem is that when you gain in one aspect, you likely lose in another. There are many people and industry experts who back the rise of automation with respect to HR and recruitment tasks, but there are also many critics. If you gain on time but lose on customer service, are you really benefiting?
You need to weigh up what is right for your business, but you will find that there are some ways of implementing automation into your business that can help you provide a viable service without overstretching yourselves.
A great example of this would be if your firm received a high volume of applications for a post. Sending out individual emails to unsuccessful clients would be time-consuming and there would be a chance that some people would be accidentally missed out. Operator error, particularly for repetitive tasks, is a concern when aiming to provide a high standard of service, so removing this potential for error has to be seen as a positive thing.
Save time while providing a valuable service
Being able to send a high volume of emails to unsuccessful candidates isn’t pleasant, but it ensures that they are informed of your decision as quickly as possible. There is software available that will send a rejection email to each candidate when they are marked as being unsuitable for the role, saving you time and ensuring they are informed of the decision as quickly as possible.
It may even be that automated services will help to increase the number of people who see your job post and apply. There are an increasing number of platforms where jobs can be posted, and if you were to take the time to post individually on all of these platforms, you would find that a member of staff was occupied for most of their day. However, software options like Fusion software, allow jobs to be posted on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter with the click of one button. This ensures that there is uniformity across different platforms, and you are placing the posts in front of a lot of people in next to no time.
There is also scheduling software which can arrange interview times, inform the candidates and also create updates and reminders in the diaries for your relevant team members. Removing the opportunity for operator error will ensure that everyone is fully aware of the times they need to be available, which can save embarrassing moments. This also allows for more effective planning of the interview process.
Being able to track the lifetime of an applicant with your company, from job placement to review and then interview process is of benefit to a firm, especially if they want to create a template for the right candidates in the future. Knowing where successful applicants found a posting and what their application contained of provides a firm with insight, which can allow them to be more successful in the future.

5 Tips For Entrepreneurs Being an entrep

5 Tips For Entrepreneurs
Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy, but the following five tips will provide you with a useful guideline for driving forwards and finding success.
You have to network and make connections
This is something that splits opinion amongst many budding entrepreneurs. There are plenty of people who love the idea of making connections and introducing themselves to people. There are also a lot of people who can think of nothing worse than having to spark up conversations with people they don’t know.
The truth of the matter is that if you want to move forward with your business, you need to have connections. This means networking is vital, so if you are looking to develop or improve the skills that will move your business forward, this is one area that will pay dividends.
Focus on one thing
You may have a lot of ideas, and you may feel that you can take over the world by providing something for everyone, but this can be too difficult to achieve. If you are looking to impact on as many people as possible, while using your time, energy and spirit in the best possible manner, you should look to focus your energy on one thing or niche.
If you can position yourself as an expert or leader in that sector or product market, you’ll find that you will achieve a lot more success than trying to scramble around in a broad range of areas.
Be ready to fail
No one likes failing, but you have to be prepared to fail. There will be times when things don’t work out in the way you planned, and there will be times when your big hopes and ambitions don’t stand up. This is the time you need to bounce back from, and you’ll find that there is a lot to learn and improve on in rebounding to a loss.
You can learn at all times, you don’t have to lose out in order to learn a lesson, but you often find the sharpest and most valuable lessons come when something has gone wrong. Accept that there will be times when things don’t work out and make it a top priority to realise what went wrong and make sure that it doesn’t happen again.
Find a passion and let it drive you forwards
A lot of people will tell you to have an idea or product that is a passion for you. This is a good idea but even if you aren’t fully in love with the product or service you offer, make sure you find something that you love about what you do. Even if it is just the desired outcome you have with respect to accomplishment or money, make sure that there is an element of passion in what you do, and let this be the factor that gives you impetus and motivation during the difficult times.
It’s not just about your bottom line
Yes, you have to pay attention to the bottom line, but if all you think about is the money you want to bring in, you’ll fail. Customers don’t care about you making money; they think about what they want and what will make their life better. This is why you’ll be more successful thinking about what customers want and need, as opposed to thinking about what puts money in your wallet.

How To Hire In A More Effective Manner T

How To Hire In A More Effective Manner
There is no doubt that hiring employees is a complicated process. If you get it wrong too many times, you may find that your company starts to struggle. Businesses need to undertake best practice during the hiring process, and they need to do everything that they can to bring in the right people. Achieving this aim can be easier said than done but the following two key steps could help a business to get more things right than they get wrong.
Create Priorities When It Comes To Hiring A New Employee
While it is important to have a good understanding of what the client should offer before you create an advertisement, there is a genuine need to go into more details about the ideal or preferred candidate before the interview process takes place. It can be helpful for HR staff to meet with the key managers in the business and find out what they are looking for in a candidate. While there will be certain ideals and personality types that companies will regularly look for in applicants, certain roles may need particular skills and personality types, so make sure that these are noted before the interview process gets serious.
The important thing at this stage is to create priorities based on what the ideal candidate will have. For some roles, it may be experience and in other posts it may be a proof that the candidate fits in with the culture of the company. Knowing what you are looking for and what balance is available in a candidate is essential when it comes to analysing and reviewing the different candidates.
What are your successful rivals doing right?
One strategy that an increasing number of businesses are taking is directly following their competitors. In the most blatant use of this strategy, your business may decide to poach employees from your rivals and bring them to your company. If a rival company is ahead of you or they have shown great innovation or style in a particular line of work, it may make sense to bring in the person responsible for this aspect. To entice someone, you need to offer them a reason to make the switch. It could be more money; it could be enhanced benefits, or it could even be the chance to create a legacy, but if you are looking to take someone from a rival firm, you need to make sure that you are giving them enough motivation to make the switch.
It may be that it is the processes that you want to take from your rivals as opposed to actual people. This means that your company should be looking at the way your competitor employs people and what their job application and interview process is. It may be that your business rivals are getting people because they are making better moves when it comes to recruitment.
These pointers should provide the ideal starting point when it comes to improving the recruitment process.

How Does An Entrepreneur Undertake PR Th

How Does An Entrepreneur Undertake PR
The word entrepreneur means many things to many different people, but it is easy to see why it is often a “catch-all” phrase for a professional that undertakes a lot of various tasks. If you are starting out in business, you may not have the money to bring in professionals, or you may be worried about diluting your idea or company at such an early stage. This means an entrepreneur has to carry out a broad range of tasks, and one of the most important things for an entrepreneur to take care of is PR.
Promoting yourself, your idea or your business is an essential part of the start-up process, and it is often something that you have to undertake yourself. This is why these tips should help a budding entrepreneur develop their PR skills.
Look at the experts and see what they are doing
First of all, you should always ask the experts. If you don’t have the money to pay them, or they are unwilling to help you, you need to move on but in the first instance, always turn to the experts for advice. After this, you should study the actions of the people you admire, respect or you can see obtaining good results in the world of PR. These are the actions you should be doing.
It can be difficult to jump right in and do the things that the professionals are doing but even if you follow the way that they do business, you will be heading in the right direction.
You need to give and give
The old saying that it is “better to give than receive” rings true in many ways but when it comes to dealing with professionals, you need to be prepared to give and offer something. When you are starting out, you may not feel that you have a lot to offer, especially when you are dealing with experts or people with experience but there is always something you can do.
If you are solely looking to take from other people, don’t be surprised when they stop you doing so. Reciprocation is instrumental to business success, so make sure that you offer to help and give what you can when starting out.
Challenge yourself
If you want to improve, you need to challenge yourself. This means you should set goals and aim for them. Yes, things are tough when you start out, but the only way you can improve is by trying new things, learning from your actions and encouraging yourself to keep doing more. Look at your rivals and don’t shy away from competition, but make sure that you take on board everything that is happening around you.
You shouldn’t be afraid of aiming big, and you shouldn’t give up when the first couple of things go against you.
When you’re starting out, you can try new things, including different platforms, and if it goes wrong, it won’t matter too much. This is a level of freedom that disappears the bigger you grow, so take advantage of the opportunity to take risks while you can.

Getting Back To Work After Easter Being

Getting Back To Work After Easter
Being an entrepreneur is often worthwhile, but it can be challenging and draining. There is a lot to be said for putting the work in and grafting hard to be a success but there will be times when people need to take things easier and relax. If you are continually working and feeling stressed, you’ll eventually start making bad decisions, and the quality of your work will suffer.
This is why it is essential to take breaks, and hopefully, most entrepreneurs had the chance to relax during the Easter weekend. There may be some entrepreneurs who are still enjoying the Easter or spring holidays but for most of us, the four days is as long as we get and then it is back to the grind. Hopefully, the rest and break from your work have helped you to rejuvenate, allowing you to feel fresh and refocused on the task at hand, but this isn’t always the case.
If you managed to enjoy a lie-in or two or you made the most of your free time, getting back to work may seem like a struggle. You know over time that you will settle back into the groove of professional life, but it may be that you need to give yourself a helping hand this week. In this regard, here are some productivity tips that will help you take care of the important tasks this week, even if you feel as though you are struggling to take life on in the most effective way.
Review what you need to do…and do it
Okay, with Monday already lost, you have less time to work this week but maybe not work, which means you need to focus on what needs to be done. Rather than panicking and launching yourself into the first piece of work that you see, take a small amount of time to review your workload, prioritise it and then complete the most important work.
Once the most important work is complete, weight will be off your shoulders, and you’ll be able to move forward with a bit more confidence and happiness.
Only have meetings if they are needed
Yes, it would be great to catch up on how everyone spent their Easter break and to see how many Easter eggs were painted, but if you find office meetings often break down into social catch-ups, there is an easy solution, don’t have office meetings.
You may not be able to completely do away with office meetings, but you should focus only on having essential meetings that will help you progress in the workplace.
Is there anything you can outsource?
If you have so much to do and not enough time to do, could you outsource any of your work? This is an area that many entrepreneurs are not keen on because it often feels as though they are giving away control, but this isn’t the case.
In fact, by outsourcing tasks that can be completed by others under your instructions, you can remain in control while giving yourself more time to focus on other tasks.

Is My Business Idea A Good One? The star

Is My Business Idea A Good One?

The starting point for most entrepreneurs is an idea and everything else that flows from that point. How many times have you heard people say “all I need is a good idea” when talking about their business ambitions or their financial status. This isn’t entirely correct; there are some different aspects that impact on the success or failure of a small business and a great idea is important, but it is only one aspect.

Promotional activity, networking, quality service and even luck can all come into play when it comes to the thin line that separates “winners” and “losers.” There have been plenty of small businesses who had a basic idea, but they managed to achieve success through active promotion, hard work, effort and a slice of luck. Some people will tell you that it is better to be lucky than good, but of course, you really can’t control luck, so it is important to focus on other aspects, and this is where the initial idea for your product is so important.

You need to get opinions from other people

If you have an idea, it may strike you in a lightning flash, and you suddenly see the potential benefits, but it is always important to get the opinion of other people. Asking “is my business idea a good one” is a very tough question to ask people but until you start asking people, you cannot be sure how other people will react to the idea you have conjured up.

However, you need to be aware that people will often not give you a straight answer or provide you with their genuine opinion. If you are asking someone that you know, they will be far more likely to provide you with the answer that they think you want to hear as opposed to the answer that you need to obtain. These people are doing this out of friendship, admiration or even love for you, but they are not helping you.

Ask people would they pay for your product

This is why it may be better to ask people “would you buy my product?” This gets to the heart of the matter, and you will quickly find people’s honest reaction to a product or service when they are being asked to pay money for it. You can offer them a discount or ask them to make a deposit there and then, and this will provide you with a more genuine response from the people you ask.

You have to brace yourself for this because it is likely that you will receive tougher responses that could hurt you. However, if people aren’t willing to pay for what you offer, you have to ask yourself if it is something that is worth producing?

Feedback is essential, but it is vital that you get genuine feedback. As with so many things in life, asking people to “put their money where their mouth is” may provide you with the most honest response.

Get The Edge With Recruitment Advertisin

Get The Edge With Recruitment Advertising

While unemployment being at a low level is a positive factor for the economy and people in general, it can pose a few problems for companies all across the country. With many recruitment experts also concerned about a lack of skills across the United Kingdom, there is no getting away from the fact that businesses need to be highly efficient in their recruitment process. It is a bigger challenge to reach the right people and make sure that your business appeals to candidates in an effective manner.

However, there are small and detailed steps you can take to ensure that your company will look like the ideal match for the right candidate.

Point out why you are different

While many firms operate in the same sector and are considered similar by outsiders, every company is unique. This means that they have unique values, they have a unique culture, and they look for certain aspects from their individual employees. This is something that you should be looking to utilise in your job advertisements.
You don’t need to create a whacky and fun image to stand out from the crowd, but there are obviously many benefits that your workplace may have which will appeal to some people. The following aspects are elements that help some business differentiate themselves from their peers:

• Flexible working
• Offering scope for progression and development
• Being regarded as a friendly place to work
• Strong transport and commuter links

These aspects will often be overlooked when compiling a job recruitment advert, but this information may be the information that candidates are looking for when a new job or position.

Focus on the right people

Much in the same way that your business should be promoting to customers, there is a need to target individuals or certain types of people with adverts as opposed to posting adverts in a general manner. There are two schools of thought to this approach, and some experts will say it is best to spread your net widely in the hope of being found by more people, but it is far better to be focused and relevant in your recruitment activities.

Specialist job boards are an ideal place to start the recruitment process because many of the skilled and specialist people you want to be seen by aren’t going to be actively looking for a job. Placing positions and the benefits of your firm in front of people from this background will likely have a better impact than running general adverts.

Make the application process simpler

If you have caught people’s eye with your recruitment strategy, congratulations, but just people hold an interest in your job doesn’t mean that they will automatically apply for it. Many potential candidates intend to apply for a job and are then put off with a complicated and elongated application process. You should look to create a simple online process that allows candidates to showcase their potential and suitability for you, and if you approve of them at this point, you can move forward with the job application process. By this stage, the candidate will be engaged with you, and they’ll be happier to spend more time on the process.

Personality Traits Of An Entrepreneur Wh

Personality Traits Of An Entrepreneur

While all sorts of people can be an entrepreneur, some traits are commonly found in successful entrepreneurs. If this is an area of business you have an interest in, answer these questions to see if you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

Can you function well under stress?

Different people react to stress in different ways. Just because you don’t respond well to pressure doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a successful business career, but it may be that you should choose your career path wisely. Being an entrepreneur is all about taking responsibility and making significant decisions. As you spend more time making major decisions, you learn and develop an understanding of the thought processes involved, but there is no denying that some people thrive on these moments and some don’t.

If you currently don’t function well under stress, this is a skill that you need to develop. This outcome isn’t a problem; analysing yourself, acknowledging weaknesses and then making improvements are essential skills but you need to be able to make changes to your life and outlook on business if you want to succeed. If you can function well under stress, you already possess one of the key characteristics of being an entrepreneur and this may be a career path that is ideal for your needs.

Can you bounce back from failure?

In business, there is no time to wallow in failure or allow yourself to feel low or down about a situation. We all react to failure and disappointment in our ways, and there are more than enough phrases, sayings and catchphrases to convince you of the need to bounce back after a defeat or from adversity. One of the most common phrases reminds people that the true measure of an individual or a business is not found in how many times they fall, but in how many times that they get back up and the manner with which they get back.

Bouncing back quickly is important, but you shouldn’t be reckless. If you have suffered failure or disappointment, you can benefit by analysing why you failed and then focusing on not making the same steps again. It is not as though you need to suffer a disappointment to learn something new, you should look to learn at all times, but when it comes to getting over the disappointment, you need to bounce back quickly and efficiently. If you can put the disappointment behind you quickly while analysing what went wrong, you may find that being an entrepreneur is right for you.

Do you talk more than you take action?

Talking is an important skill for an entrepreneur. Talking can iron out small problems in a plan of action and talking keeps everyone in touch with what you hope to achieve. However, there will come a time when the talking has to stop and you need to take action. If you are the sort of person that finds talking easy but you struggle to convert these thoughts and words into positive action, you may find that being an entrepreneur is a difficult challenge.

However, if you can act upon your plans, you should find that there is a strong entrepreneurial spirit inside you, and this may be the way to develop your career.

Is LinkedIn Part Of Your Recruitment Act

Is LinkedIn Part Of Your Recruitment Activity?

It seems as though there are new platforms and practices involved with recruitment on a weekly, if not daily basis. It is good that there is a lot of focus on the recruitment sector and advice on how to make recruitment easier, but it can be difficult for small to medium sized firms to keep up with new and recommended methods. Even companies who believe that their traditional recruitment methods retain value in the modern era understand that there is a need to focus on modern methods of recruitment.

The importance of social media in people’s lives today cannot be overlooked, and this has led to many people citing LinkedIn as a factor that has “absolutely transformed” recruitment and the recruitment industry. This comment was the opinion of James Caan, and even though he was speaking at an event that celebrated the social media platform, there is no denying that his remarks have a ring of truth about them. Caan is perhaps best known for being a former Dragons Den but he is a leading entrepreneur in the United Kingdom, and he has considerable experience in the recruitment industry. This status means that his opinion holds a lot of weight, and if you haven’t considered the importance of LinkdedIn, or social media platforms, for recruitment, you may want to re-evaluate how you go about filling vacant positions.

LinkedIn can be a great leveller in recruitment

Clearly Caan is someone at the high end of the LinkedIn market, with 2.5m followers. When he says that he can post a blog and receive thousands of comments in 30 seconds, this is down to him, rather than the platform. However, the immediacy that is offered by LinkedIn, and the opportunity to connect with new people in a professional manner is important. Businesses can find out about prospective candidates and determine if they are a suitable fit for their company. Similarly, businesses can create the right image and identity for themselves on a platform like LinkedIn, which may make them the ideal company for a particular candidate. Businesses have to realise that good prospects will be in demand, and as much as LinkedIn is a great way to scout candidates; people will find firms that they want to work for on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn provides a great way for all parties in the recruitment process to get to know each other better, and a business should be looking to present themselves in the best possible manner. After all, there are 20m LinkedIn users in the United Kingdom, and this represents close to 60% of the workforce in the UK. With students forming a major part of the user-base on the platform, there is an ideal opportunity for businesses to engage and connect with potential employees at an earlier part of the recruitment process.

By presenting yourself as a firm that supports graduates and which welcomes people entering the workplace for the first time, a small to medium sized business can gain an advantage over larger employers who may have previously scooped up the most promising talent.

Quote for the week

Quote for the week